More about Rik

It all started with “just drinking wine” with friends, around 2007.
Quickly I questioned myself why a wine, for example, had more acidity or aromas than another.
Reading about wine on the internet and in (professional)magazines followed.
Attending tastings, visiting wine farms. Buying and tasting different wines all the time.
Different country’s, producers, vintages. All passed by, for hobby.

My first official course was the SDEN3. Followed by the vinologenopleiding at the Wijnacademie
and the WSET3 advanced course in English.

The hobby took quite a leap, just like my wine collection.

Workshops and masterclasses I follow up until this day keep me up to date.

In my opinion a wine has to has character.
You need to taste where it comes from. If it was a hot & dry, or cool & wet vintage.
Which grape variety was used, did it age in oak barrels or not?

My heart is in Burgundy, but also in the Mosel. And in Piemonte… and…. and…

Defining and discovering your own taste, while learning about it in a relax way.
That’s the thing I want to pass along by the use of tastings/training/masterclasses

All these things combined conduct to the large and complex library that’s in my head.
Feel free to ask all your wine related questions during a tasting! There should be an answer ready.

Blind tasting is really difficult, since there are so many wines and grapes, but I just love to do it.
Always fun when friends pour a glass and ask: What wine is this?

There are also serious competitions.
In team form (together with Martin Fennema, Anton Silletti and Jarno de Graaf) we became
the 2019 Dutch blind tasting champions.

A ticket to the World Championship in France followed. This was at the beautiful location
of Chateau de Chambord in Oktober 2019.
Here we finished on a deserving 9th place. Ahead of country’s like USA, Russia, Italy & Spain.

During these competitions we need to analyze 12 wines, and need to determine
(without any clues):