A tasting by me personally, at your home, garden or a location of your choice.

This is possible starting from € 300 for 1-10 persons.  (excl. travel / parking costs) 

During this cosy and educational tasting I will tell you all about the wines & areas the originate from. You can also ask all your wine related questions.

There is no standard tasting at Jéroboam Wine, all are customized and composed
in consultation with the client. Rather be suprised? No problem.

Below you can find more information.

Book easily, just give me a call / email / whatsapp.

A tasting can be booked by every type of party / company, on every part of the day.

No clue about wine, and always play it safe by choosing the wine of the house
in a restaurant?

No Problem. I will get you acquainted with the most common grape variety’s from
classic wine regions.

In this way, you will most likely always be able to make a selection from the wine list.

Learn to discover your own taste. The most important thing is wine needs to be tasty!
Tasty can be so much more fun when you know what you are drinking.

Fervent wine drinker / connoisseur?. There are so many different variety’s that also
for you there is always something new to discover.

This isn’t what you are looking for, and you want to have a Burgundy theme?
Or compare a single grape variety from different country’s?
All is possible!

Wine needs to have character, typical for its region. Where possible from small farmers
Quality wines, preferably biological or biodynamic.
No teabag factory wines. I will happily tell you about this during a tasting.

How many wines will we taste?Standard the minimum is always 8.What kind of bites / snacks can I put on the table?Feel free!, but be careful with strong tastes. Of course I can also make you some suggestions. On request it is possible to arrange a board with matching snacks.Are the wines worth our money?You can assume that the bottle price in the standard package is between € 10 and € 40. If the wines are worth the bucks is up to you.How long does the tasting take?This would be approx 2 hours, but we don’t watch the clock.What do you bring?I take care of the glasses, the wine, spittoons, tasting books and a ton of information.Can we order the wines afterwards?For sure!, but based on availability.What are the travel costs?Within a radius of 20km 0.0!. Further away?. Then the price is € 0,21, starting from the first km.