My name is Rik Boom, and I want to share my passion and knowledge about wine
by the use of tastings.

A Jéroboam is a 3 liter bottle, that for me symbolizes a evening full of joy.
Also, in Dutch we say “Jéroboom”, so this is a little word joke with my name.

Trough this site I hope to make you a bit more curious about the wonderful
and always moving world of wine.
I strive for personal contact and customized work, so don’t be misguided by
the few examples on this website.

A tasting or a Jeroboam is for everybody, a few ideas:



A tasting by me personally, at your place or a location of your choice.

Jéroboams & Gifts

The collection of Jéroboams and gifts available.

Cellar & Wine advice

Need advice for your wine cellar or need a wine for a special occasion?